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    Be Your Own Star is a Delaware based non profit organization specializing in live event entertainment education through real life situations and hands on experience.

Housing over a decade of experience in event AV and 5+ years educating Delaware's youth on the inner workings of event tech. and professionalism.

    We have worked with organizations such as YMCA on Walnut st. Boys and Girls Club of Greater Newark, Child, Inc., The C.A.U.S.E., and the Travel Songs Foundation.

Our Vision

    To see premium talent and potential come from Delaware’s youth as they grow to expand into different industries and sectors across the country, marking Delaware as grounds for top talent scouts of innovative industry professionals.

Our Mission

    To teach, mentor, cultivate, and nurture young minds to explore their voice of leadership and creative prowess through group and community activities, Audio & Visual theory, focus groups, and different mentorships.

Let’s Work Together

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